SEASON CONCERT III: Jacques Ogg from Home: Cellebroederskapel in Maastricht, The Netherlands


  • $5.00  -  Student
  • $15.00  -  Adult/Senior/MPR


Jacques Ogg, harpsichord

(streaming link will be emailed to ticket holders a week before event)

In January our concert comes from Maastricht in The Netherlands, set along the banks of the Meuse river. Lyra’s artistic director, Jacques Ogg brings us a special solo performance from the Cellebroederskapel. This chapel was built in 1512 as an addition to the monastery established in 1360. More recently it’s where a young Jacques used to practice the organ. From this beautiful town of medieval streets and buildings we’ll hear the music of Froberger, Frescobaldi, and other relatively new-fangled composers of the 17th century.

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